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A Bridge to Wholeness is your resource for the latest information on health and healing for the 21st century. Western medicine plays an important role in keeping people healthy but should not be the only option people have. At the intersection of health we find plenty of proven alternatives to prescription, surgery, and unnecessary testing. We are bringing experts from both sides of the health and wellness aisle together to understand each other and learn how to work together. And to introduce you, our listener, to the many options you have that look at you holistically, not as a diagnosis, as a person, not a patient.

The podcast focuses on both western healthcare practitioners and alternative health and wellness practitioners who work in the field of health and wellness.


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#37: Lyme – The Signs and Symptoms – Guest: Wendi Evans

#37: Lyme – The Signs and Symptoms – Guest: Wendi Evans

In this interview with Wendi Evans, we discuss the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease as well as the post Lyme syndrome that some people suffer with. You’re not alone, you’re not crazy and there is help. Guest Bio: Wendi Evans is a holistic physical therapist...

#35: Movement As Medicine – Guest: Abby Dixson

#35: Movement As Medicine – Guest: Abby Dixson

In this episode, Abby Dixson, the owner of Rocky Gorge Wellness talks about why movement is medicine for your body, mind and spirit, how to put the "FUN" into FUNctional Fitness, and what steps YOU can take to start a fitness routine that works for you at any age....

#32: Beyond Physical Therapy – Guest: Wendi Evans

Wendi Evans is a Physical Therapist who integrates several different techniques to bring her patients to a place of sustained well being. She really gets how the connections of the physical body are so tied in with other aspects of health and wellness. Listen in as...

#31: Craniosacral Therapy – Guest: Heather Zivkovich

Meet Heather Zivkovitch and learn about the many benefits of craniosacral therapy. Do you know anything about this modality? If not, tune in and find out they how behind this gentle yet very powerful therapy. About Our Guest Heather Zivkovich is founder of Balanced...

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