Our Emotional Thermometer

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Blog, RN Musings | 0 comments

Have you checked your EMOTIONAL thermometer lately? Are your emotions in the “normal” range?  What IS normal now anyway about how we are dealing with all that 2020 has dished out?

Reading and watching the news, checking in with social media, etc., can be informative, but overdosing on this can also be detrimental to our emotional well-being.

Just as our bodies have a set temperature for optimal health, our emotions also have a temperature that allows us to thrive.  For many of us, the pandemic has certainly brought on many challenges, physically, environmentally and emotionally, such as distancing ourselves physically, wearing a mask to limit transmission of the virus in our environments, and emotional upset secondary to job loss and economic uncertainty.

We keep hearing about the “new normal” but many of us question what that even means.  What is YOUR new emotional thermometer reading?

If you’re curious about your health and wellbeing during this challenging time, I invite you to take the Wellness Coping Quiz right here. https://bit.ly/WellnessCopingQuiz.

It asks questions about how YOU are doing, how YOU are experiencing the changes in healthcare, and it gives you a score based on your answers.  It also gives you a Free Report with some great tips for healthy living, increased wellness and even a short, guided meditation you can tap into any time.

Your personal information is not shared and if you choose to sign up for a newsletter from me, don’t worry, I won’t bother you with daily doses of “you should do this or that”,  but rather, the occasional, “Wow, this is really cool and interesting to know about” and of course, it’s information from great evidenced-based sources.

Please feel free to share the link with those you care about as they may find something helpful and meaningful in their answers and scoring.  WE can all use as much support as possible right now to keep our emotional thermometers in the “thrive” range.


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