Connect with hundreds of experts in the field of health and wellness who believe that a 21st century model of healing relies on whole person-centered care, not just a diagnosis.

And, that we need both the allopathic and complementary health practitioners working together to arrive at this new model. ABTW invites you to consider a more “wholistic” approach to health and wellness beyond what we have come to know and expect.

Who should join ABTW?

ABTW is open to any and all healthcare practitioners, clinicians, and experts in the fields of health and wellness who want to:

Foster a more “wholistic” approach to health and wellness

Create whole person-centered care which includes body, mind and spirit in all modalities of health and wellness.

Connect and communicate via open, non-judgmental dialog, education and networking opportunities

Aspire to achieve a working model of health, healing and wellness for the 21st century that is inclusive, innovative and visionary.


The investment for being member of this dynamic community and movement is $197 per year payable online.

Features of Membership

What happens when you become a member of A Bridge To Wholeness community? Check out the Features and Benefits below and find out how a membership in this unique organization will connect you with practitioners who are seeking to bridge the gap in 21st century health and wellness.

Directory Listing

Written bio and business information will also be included on the membership site, along with your head shot. Colleagues can quickly search inside the site and find different practitioners they may be interested in contacting.

Private Facebook Group

This is a place for members to post about their businesses, practices, ask questions, share stories, offer guidance, all inside a safe space.

Live Events

Live Events will include half-day or full day workshops, trainings, and panel discussions with diverse and varied topics pertinent to 21st century health and wellness. (An additional fee will be charged for these events).

Live events are great for meeting the members who share a similar vision. It also gives you the opportunity to participate as a panelist, guest speaker or sponsor for the live event.

Monthly Virtual "Get Togethers"

Monthly Virtual Get Togethers featuring a topic of interest, along with a guest speaker and/or panel. Participation from members is encouraged.

Where else can you go and really have an open discussion about what’s going on in the world of healthcare and be heard?  A Bridge To Wholeness community offers an open forum for discussion, not dogma, about a myriad of topics that we as healthcare practitioners are concerned about, along with possible solutions to the issues from patient care to self care.

Be a Guest on A Bridge To Wholeness Podcast

A Bridge To Wholeness podcast is an educational and informative platform for the general public which features speakers in the health and wellness industry who know how important it is to share their message. All members have an opportunity to be a guest on the podcast at no additional cost.

Podcasts are very popular and create additional visibility outside the community.

You can find A Bridge To Wholeness Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and on our website.

So you see there are lots of features and benefits to becoming a member and as the community grows and expands, those features and benefits will also grow to reflect the changing needs of the members.


The investment for being a member of this dynamic community and movement is $197 per year payable online.

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