Intelligent Immunity by Marlene Barrett, RN

I am so excited to be the first to contribute to Musings of a Nurse.  My name is Marlene Barrett and my passion is to serve people and give them back their power physically, emotionally and financially. I have been a RN for 26 years and a Diamond Executive with a wellness company for 11 years. If I do my job right with this information you will reach out and want to learn more!

With all the changes and stressors a nurse goes through on a daily basis, being able to protect your body’s intelligent immunity is critical for staying healthy.  Alkalizing can be  your first line of defense to improve your immunity. Naturally your body can handle some level of acidic load but with the standard American lifestyle we are no match for the fire building in our immune systems.  Our body pH is on the rise and it’s directly related to our inflammation and immune system.

Are you acidotic? How can you tell? These are questions to ask yourself ASAP!!

As nurses, we know that body pH is very different from our blood ph and how to manage it. When your blood pH is off you have a serious emergency which needs to be addressed immediately. On the other hand, body pH which is out of balance contributes to the silent fire of inflammation to start and this can wreak havoc on our bodies. An example of pH out of control would be a swimming pool, so think of your body as a swimming pool. When the pH is not balanced, it turns green, and so do we! Symptoms of a pH out of balance could include fatigue, headaches, body aches, decreased mental clarity, weight gain and more.

Here are some helpful tips to keep inflammation under control.

  • Remove sugary drinks and energy drinks from your daily routine.
  • Increase the daily amount of whole foods in your diet. Green leafy vegetables, clean proteins, healthy carbohydrates and fruits.
  • Read your labels!!! Whole foods should be the main ingredients on the label.
  • Know your source! Don’t be fooled by the fancy label or fake reviews put out there. Ask the expert in the field of wellness for help.

These are just a few tips on how to put out the fire of inflammation and support your immune system from the front lines.

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You have what it takes to redefine your health and live the life of your dreams. I know what is waiting for you on the other side. I’ll be here waiting for you!

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