Are you doing your life’s work? Hmm. If you could remove the obstacles and open a clear path to what gives you the most satisfaction and joy in business, would you do it? To get started you’ll need to clear the clutter. Pack up the suitcases of stuff and leave it behind. All the clutter which comes in the form of digital clutter, time clutter, physical clutter, and mental clutter. There are all sorts of things vying for space which may be holding you in place and keeping you down. This may sound like an enormous undertaking but with a few shortcuts up your sleeve you can be on your way toward doing what you’re meant to do in business and serving those you’re meant to serve.

Where to begin?

First, find your focus. Where are you interested in going in business this year? Next year? In five years? Next, set a timeline. With your focus in mind, plan out a timeline for moving closer to this goal. What needs to happen? Think about how this is going to work. It may include working with a coach, boosting a skillset, or partnering with someone. Also, think about which clutter items blocking your way need to be released? If something isn’t moving you closer to your plans and goals it is time to step away from this thing. Now, set your intention. You may want to find an accountability partner to hold you to what you say you want to do or it may be enough to speak your focus aloud. Hearing yourself say you want to remove the clutter from business to make room for the growth is a powerful statement and actional motivator. Remember, your brain thrives on solving little problems. When you state your intention, your brain begins to focus on this and think of ways to make it happen. Setting your intention unites the spiritual, metaphysical, and cognitive points of view to work together. Commit to staying in the flow. As you make choices throughout the day weigh if this is moving you forward towards your goal. Consider the action steps needed and implement these throughout the month. Regardless of whether you own your own business or are employed for someone else, you can do this. Ask yourself this, “Based on my vision for myself, what can I do today?” Surround yourself in a supportive environment. You don’t need to be an island as you work on your vision focus. Surround yourself with mentors, guides, and build your support circle to encourage you and share their insights and experiences. Building your environment may include setting boundaries around your time or other areas of your life. For instance, be protective of not bringing work home to infringe on family time and vice versa. Strive to keep your environment sacred to its purpose. Re-elevate, release, and embrace. Set regular times to elevate your progress, release what’s cluttering your progress, and embrace what’s working well. If a work flow causes you angst it is time to rework what’s been happening and find a different path. When you remove what’s broken, you are making more room to embrace improved ways of doing things. You may decide to do this daily, weekly, or monthly. You decide the timeframe but commit to doing this regularly. My hope for you is you’ll find removing the clutter skyrockets your motivation around your vision focus. Acknowledge that you may have unconsciously created obstacles and an environment which has been holding you back but now is the time to tear it down and throw out what’s been blocking your forward motion. For additional information and inspiration about how to stay motivated as you identify your focus listen to my podcast episode 21 with Nettie Owens of Momentum Accountability and author of The Roadmap to Freedom. Jennifer L. Crisp, RN, is the founder of A Bridge To Wholeness. Jennifer believes strongly in both traditional western medicine and contemporary health practices as she understands the importance of client-centered care beyond conventional medicine. A Bridge to Wholeness invites traditional and alternative practitioners to get connected (bridging the gap) so your client/patient can experience enhanced benefits and care from these connections. Prior to launching this organization, she worked in a community hospital as a cardiac nurse and has been an entrepreneur since 2011. To take the Intersection of Wellness quiz and get a free report of your results visit her website

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