When you think of change do you also think of opportunity? If not, you’re missing out on a key piece of what comes with change. It is true that change can be challenging and uncertain, but it doesn’t have to be this way if you approach change as opportunity. Whether you’re preparing to embark on a new year, a new month, or a new day you’re maneuvering through changes—some big, some small, and some merely a slight vibration. Let’s explore ways to journey through change.

Navigating the 5 Zones of Change

Regardless of the type of change you may be experiencing, there are five zones you will be passing through in this journey.

Acknowledge. It’s vital to acknowledge and accept what is taking place. This may include a job change—a company merger, working for a different employer, taking on a different role in the company, or retirement. It could be a life change such as your child leaving for college, a marriage or divorce, the birth of a child, or a family member’s death. Or, maybe certain ingredients in your favorite recipe are different and you have concerns about how it may impact the taste, flavor, and appearance of your favorite meal.

When you acknowledge change and understand what is going on and the possible impact on you, moving forward will be different. This is preferable than sticking your head in the sand or plugging your ears while singing “la, la, la, la.” You cannot hide from change nor prevent it. Acknowledgment and acceptance is the first step when navigating the 5 zones of change.

Courage. It takes courage to understand what is yet to come from a new situation. Educating yourself about what comes with the change and learning to understand the implications it presents will help you discover more about the unknown and face the new situation with greater awareness. Awareness creates understanding which often allays fear of the unknown. Asking questions and seeking information is courageous. Go for it!

Taking Steps. Use the knowledge you have acquired about the change to begin taking steps. What plans can you create and implement? Your plans may include learning a new skill or using a new ingredient in your recipe. It may include talking with your family, friends or co-workers about opportunities you may not have considered in the past.

Implement. Use the plans you just created and get started by putting these things into practice.

Obstacles. Obstacles can keep you from moving into the next phase. When obstacles arise, and they will, you can plan for how to handle them. An example of this might be to become aware of situations before they happen. Perhaps a visualization of how to act in that situation would be helpful. Obstacles can present themselves at home, work, school, in relationships, etc. There are numerous ways to prepare and move through these obstacles to you keep moving forward with the change.

Necessary. When you do experience change after change after change, know this: you are necessary. Your possibilities are limitless when you get an understanding of who you are and all you can do. So often people lose themselves during a change, whether it is in the workplace or a relationship that is ending or beginning. Keep sight of yourself, of your self worth and value, and of your end goal.

When you’re going through change, the process takes time, and this amount of time may not be the same for each person. If you need to consult with a coach, do it.

What’s been outlined above follows the A.C.T.I.O.N. Model. To learn more about managing change listen to my podcast episode with Relationship Speaker and Coach Naomi J. Hardy where we discuss this topic in greater depth.

Jennifer L. Crisp, RN, is the founder of A Bridge To Wholeness. Jennifer believes strongly in both traditional western medicine and contemporary health practices as she understands the importance of client-centered care beyond conventional medicine. A Bridge to Wholeness invites traditional and alternative practitioners to get connected (bridging the gap) so your client/patient can experience enhanced benefits and care from these connections. Prior to launching this organization, she worked in a community hospital as a cardiac nurse and has been an entrepreneur since 2011. To take the Intersection of Wellness Quiz and get a free report of your results visit her website abridgetowholeness.com.

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