I Believe….

That the body is a miraculous self-healing system given the right support

That we are responsible for the foundation pieces: healthful food, proper hydration, daily movement, connection to others who love and support us, time spent in nature, and gratitude

That there is a time for western medicine and a time to seek a responsible alternative

That the reliance on prescription medications to fix everything is responsible for far too many unfortunate side effects and complications

And I believe that we are at a crossroad, that the way we do health care in our country is profit driven at the expense of people. I’m on a mission to change that.

My First Crossroad

My first crossroad came when I was 33 and the path I chose began my journey to the present moment.

I was a stay-at-home mom with 3 little boys and I suffered with back pain that was out of control. The physicians I saw could only offer me pain medication. How do you raise 3 small children numbed out on pain meds? That was out of the question. This was in the late 1980’s. I’d heard about and wanted to try chiropractic.

When I told my husband he was skeptical because any type of complementary healing modality was considered taboo. I was desperate though and somehow I knew it was going to help.

The first time I stepped into that office and met the doctor, I knew I was in the right place. After a long, thorough conversation with the chiropractor, (not the 7 minutes I was used to with a doctor), an x-ray and an adjustment, I was on my way to being healed. I never looked back and since that time, I have utilized both traditional and complementary modalities for my health concerns.

For years I worked the western model

I am a Registered Nurse and certified Whole Health & Nutrition Educator™.

Few people spend more time with patients than nurses do. For many years I loved the pace, the people, and the purpose I felt being part of a team working to save lives and get people well. The hours, the boys club, and seeing people as diagnosis in need of prescriptions and procedures eventually took a toll. Add that to chronic pain and I sensed there had to be a better way and a different, maybe better path for my life.

Only by crossing the bridge from the traditional, allopathic system of medicine to the world of integrative, holistic medicine, did I finally begin to understand a much broader definition of health and wellness beyond what I had been taught in nursing school.

Me Time

When I was 6, my mother sewed a red velvet dress for me. It was beautiful. The fabric was smooth and soft and when I put it on I felt like a royal. Even at six years old I was amazed that she could create something so beautiful with her sewing machine.

This dress, and all of the other clothes she created for me, cultivated a love of creating with fabric; combining textures and colors to make something beautiful. The possibilities are endless! These days when I walk into a fabric store all my stress disappears. I consider sewing a kind of therapy.

The sound of a sewing machine is music to me. It’s my instrument to create!

And since stress is responsible for “60% -80% of primary care doctor visits yet only 3% of patients receive stress management care” according to The HeartMath Institute, I am devoted to my self care and teaching my clients the importance of including it in their busy lives.

Will you join me at the intersection of wellness?

The debate about health care will always be just that, a debate, unless we, as 21st century healthcare practitioners, learn to listen mindfully to our patients/clients beyond what 20th century medicine leaves us with.

We as a globe–this is a global opportunity–are at a crossroads and are looking for practitioners from all fields and both sides of the healthcare system, who believe that health, healing and wellness go beyond the parameters we have locked ourselves into.

A Bridge To Wholeness aims to be a catalyst for the future of healthcare through encouraging and facilitating creative collaboration.

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