#42: Surviving the Pandemic With The Tools You Need – Guest: Sal Schittino, LCPC

by | May 14, 2020 | A Bridge To Wholeness, ABTW Podcast, Mental Health and Wellness | 0 comments

Sal Schittino is our guest today and he talks to us about the challenges we face in this time of coronavirus uncertainty.  The global pandemic of Covid 19 has left many of us feeling unsettled and confused.  However, we can learn to manage many of the feelings and thoughts we have during this challenging time by shifting our outlook and developing new tools to help us move through the challenges we all face with the pandemic.

Guest Bio

Sal Schittino is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Public Speaker who specializes in trauma and adjustment disorders to help people transition from helplessness to growth. Through his life experience and academic background, he is passionate about teaching others how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, create resiliency from past pain, and develop a mastery of thought.

Phone: 410.756.0035
Web: cmhahelps.com

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