#40: Mindset, Spirit & Body: A Journey with Cancer – Guest: Jill Atcheson

by | Feb 18, 2020 | A Bridge To Wholeness, ABTW Podcast | 0 comments

My guest, Jill Atcheson, talks about being diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, how she, in her own words, “canvassed mind, body and spiritual approaches to shift cancer into remission within months.” Her curiosity about how she could empower herself in this journey led her to understand the importance of incorporating complementary modalities of health and healing into her treatment regimen in order to facilitate healing on many levels. Her story is one of hope, inspiration, and enthusiasm for life.

Guest Bio

Jill Atcheson is a wife, mother, and cancer patient. She also had a career in marketing and is now on a mission to bring awareness around the benefits of combining traditional western medicine with complementary healing modalities to other patients who are dealing with life changing health issues. You can find out more about Jill’s mission and sign up to receive her newsletter by visiting her the links below.


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