#33: Can Your Liver Really Communicate with Your Big Toe? – Guest: Cheryl Castner

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In this episode of A Bridge To Wholeness, we welcome Cheryl Castner, a Speech Language Pathologist whose passion and purpose in life is communication. After retiring as a speech-language pathologist for 38 years, Cheryl is now a certified Natural Health Professional and Body Talk Practitioner. Listen in to find out more about this very unique modality of working with the body to allow healing on many levels. Cheryl also gives us a look into the fascinating world of epigenetics.

About Our Guest

Cheryl Castner is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner who has been practicing various forms of energy healing for more than 20 years. After recently receiving extensive training in the area of epigenetics, she now offers an integration of BodyTalk and cutting-edge scientific research used to improve a person’s health on all levels. These sessions can often provide a “key” to clear the “locks” on your DNA helping to resolve issues with skin rashes, pain management, emotional balance, environmental sensitivities and more. A Certified Natural Health Professional, BodyTalk Access Technician, Reiki Master/Teacher and licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, Cheryl’s life passion has centered around communication. When she’s not helping others access their natural healing abilities, you may hear her sing with the National Philharmonic Chorale at Strathmore in North Bethesda, Maryland.

Cheryl’s Gift

Cheryl would like to offer our listeners free 20-minute telephone consultations to determine if her services are appropriate for you.

Connect with Cheryl

Email: ccastner@verizon.net

Phone: (301) 919-0712

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