Meet Kim K. Johnson, the official “Herb Nerd” and founder of Good Life To Go. Kim is so passionate about educating people to be responsible for their medicine cabinets and she has some great suggestions on how to go about doing that. Herbs, spices, tinctures and health, and while we’re at it, saving the planet!

About Our Guest

I’m Kim K Johnson and I’m an Herb Nerd. Teaching people to Own Their Own Health, while Saving The Planet is my passion. Providing healthy resources and product is my business.

Refusing to be a nurse, teacher or social worker when I graduated from high school in 1974; I instead became a theater electrician. In 1977 I became one of the first women hired as a WDW stage technician.

In 2009 I left my career as a Producer for Disney. MY job at Disney was incredible, but there were thousands of people whose lives weren’t as magical. As my health crashed, so did my desire to make a living on the backs of others.

Good Life began in Arcadia, FL – a sleepy antique town – in 2009 as a small organic store. In 2011 we went online only.

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Get the “12 Herbs to Start an Herbal Medicine Cabinet” PDF on Kim’s website at

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