#27: Parenting through Empowerment: Guest – Kevin Ryan-Young

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Kevin Ryan-Young is a Parent, Speaker, Coach and Business owner. Kevin helps entrepreneurs embrace the challenge of being a success in business while being an awesome parent. Tune in to find out and learn why Kevin believes we can redefine parenting in the 21st century so that children can be seen and heard in ways that empower families to be great communicators and better listeners.

About Our Guest

Kevin Ryan-Young is a Parent, Speaker, Coach, and Business Owner. As a speaker and coach, Kevin influences families so they can be present in their personal life and in their business life. He believes that all people should be seen, heard and able to impact the world as their fully expressed, authentic self. Kevin lives in Brooklyn, NY with his husband, daughter and two Labradoodles.

Kevin’s Gift

Five Challenges to Playing the Game of Life (family edition): www.sunbridgecoaching.com/5-challenges-family-edition

Connect with Kevin

Website: www.sunbridgecoaching.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SunBridgeCoaching

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