CORRECTION: In the episode, Linda states that women surpassed men in heart disease in 2013. Linda meant to say 2003, not 2013.

Linda Penkala, LMT, shares her insight and knowledge about women and heart disease. How does a licensed massage therapist know so much about heart issues? Listen in and hear her story and why she educates women about the importance of heart health in their busy lives. Give yourself a “pause” today to learn some important information you need to know.

About Our Guest

My Divine gift given to me to encourage and empower others has played out in many professional and personal ways. Currently as an LMT of the last 30 years, and formerly as a leading female jockey in Maryland and the US riding racehorses in NY, Pa, W. Va, Fla., and Japan. Lessons learned from both careers has been distilled into my soon to be published book for women, The Pause to Relax….Ladies for Robust Heart Health.

From a medical moment, to a mission to educate my goal is to raise awareness to impact lives. Creating my 9 Pillars to Prevent Heart Disease along with writing and teaching my Wise Heart Health program hopefully will make a dent in the statistic that is the #1 killer of women. My passion and desire for women to take action is sincere and from my heart. As a GMa to 6 grandchildren, with 4 being girls under 6, it is a joy to know that I am helping a new generation of children to pay attention as they age to balance, stress and coming from their hearts with love.

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