#20: Relieving Stress While Lifting Your Vibration – Guest: Debbie Sodergren

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In this episode, Debbie Sodegren, of Up Vibrations, tells us about her near death experience on the operating table as a small child and how that became a path toward what she does now to help clients gain clarity, learn mindfulness and raise their vibrations. Tune in to listen to her amazing story and see how you can raise your vibration for a life of ease, grace and flow.

About Our Guest

Debbie Sodergren is an Energy Body Vibration Expert, Founder and CEO of Up Vibrations, LLC, Best Seller Author & International Speaker. She is nationally certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, certified to teach Metaphysics and Meditation and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer Trailblazer. Debbie has been trained with knowledge in the human energy field in areas of chakra balancing, vibrational medicine, channeling, death and dying, meditation, astrology and mindset work of infinite possibilities….. just to name a few. Debbie has a deep understanding of the body, mind and spirit connection and knows that we are all connected. Debbie has worked for over 20 years with many awakened and conscious women (and a few brave men) who are up to un-apologetically living life all in. She has taught in a classroom setting, offers energy work sessions and has 1 on 1 private sessions servicing clients in personal and business by getting Clarity and Strategies to make the big shifts as they live their purpose filled lives.

Debbie’s Gift

Debbie has 4 simple, quick, and powerful tools that you can use to raise your vibration. Click here to download the PDF: www.upvibrations.com/4-tools

Connect with Debbie

Website: www.upvibrations.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/upvibrationsllc

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/justbewithdebbie

Twitter: www.twitter.com/debatjustbe

Instagram: www.instagram.com/upvibrationswithdebbie

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