#13: Homeopathy! What is it, how does it work and what can it do for health and healing? – Guest: Dr. Mary Psoramatis

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Dr. Mary Psoramatis is a chiropractor, but she is so much more than that.  She likes to incorporate homeopathy into her practice. She gives us a great history of homeopathy, explains what it is and how it is used.  Tune in to find out how homeopathy might benefit you.

About Our Guest

Dr. Mary Psaromatis became interested in natural medicine because of her own pain and health problems that started in kindergarten. She decided to become a chiropractor as a freshman in high school and has been studying natural healing ever since, through undergraduate work in Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Graduate school and seminars. However, she found many of the answers she was looking for in other places.

She studied Advanced Chiropractic Technique and muscle testing with Dr. William Boro, which she feels gave her the tools to be able to discover the root causes of her patient problems. Combining these techniques with testing Acupuncture Meridians and Nutrition Response Testing, have allowed her to guide patients more exactly on their roads to healing. Today she will talk about one of her favorite tools, homeopathic remedies.

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She has a free Ebook about back pain that you can get here: www.mslpainsolu.com/newsletter

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Website: www.naturalhealingctr.org / www.musclepainsolutions.com

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