#03: The New Kind of Social Scientist – Guest: Ellen Koronet

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Ellen Koronet of LNK Creative is our guest today with host Jennifer Crisp, founder of A Bridge To Wholeness. This episode is a creative dive into what Ellen does best: quizzes for entrepreneurs who are looking for an inventive, meaningful way to create relationships with potential clients. The emphasis in this episode is the work Ellen can do for healthcare practitioners as they strive to get to know their patients a little better before they ever step into the office.

About Our Guest

Ellen Koronet is an enthusiastically, unapologetically new kind of Social Scientist. She is Principal and “Chief Fun Officer” of LNK Creative, where she designs and hosts customized quizzes to provide creative brands with a new way of attracting and engaging favorite clients. Ellen takes complex initiatives and guides you so you are laser focused. As a corporate marketing researcher since 1983, she advised marketing teams on their connection with customers, increasing product satisfaction and revenue. Ellen starts her projects with a heart-centering dive into the published archetypal Inner “Muses & Mentor” system she developed through research in 2013. Recent speaking engagements include international retreats, women entrepreneur conferences, Qualitative Research Consultants Association, and Florida Creativity Conference, where LNK Creative is a sponsor.

Ellen’s Gift

Take the Credibility Quiz to see how your brand or practice measures up in the recently published quiz developed for inkCredibility Magazine: https://Bit.ly/CredibilityQuiz

Connect With Ellen

Website: https://www.LNKcreative.com

Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/LNKcreative

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/EllenKoronet

Visit A Bridge To Wholeness at http://abridgetowholeness.com

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