#02: Enjoy Your Body Using the Rolf Method – Guest: Jewell Machlan

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Join Jennifer Crisp, RN, of A Bridge To Wholeness and Jewell Machlan, of At Length, for this amazing journey into the Rolf Method. Learn what Rolfing is, why it’s so effective for aligning your body and lengthening the connective tissue and why that’s so important for the body. Rolfing has been around for quite some time, so maybe it’s time you knew about all the great things it can do for you.

About Our Guest

Jewell Machlan’s goal is for everyone to enjoy their bodies! She focuses on helping her clients experience freedom of movement and relief from chronic pain or stiffness through the Rolf method. She is a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist with over 1000 hours of training in her specialty. The name of her business is “At Length”.

Clients achieve amazing results as they move through the series of ten sessions that is designed to align their bodies and lengthen their connective tissue.

Her clients have ranged between nine and 95 years of age, and have experienced not only improved performance, pain relief, improved posture and balance, but also relief from sciatica, migraines, and numbness or tingling. Even long-standing issues like trigger finger, hammertoe, scoliosis and torticollis have shown improvement.

Who should try this method? Anyone that moves, especially those who have difficulty or pain with movement!

Jewell’s Gift

There are lots of great tips on how to reduce back pain AND take care of your body every day in the blog section of her website: http://www.atlength.org

Connect With Jewell

Website: http://www.atlength.org

Visit A Bridge To Wholeness at http://abridgetowholeness.com

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