At the intersection of western medicine and ancient wisdom,

medical science and complementary modalities,

what we can prove with double blind testing, and can prove only by the stories of hundreds of thousands of people healed,

lies wholeness.

The future is wholistic.

Regardless which side of the healing model you practice on right now, is it safe to say that at times, you wish you had more in your toolbox?

Many of the biggest medical schools and hospitals (Sloan Kettering, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford Medical Center, Mayo and more) recognize the benefit of massage, music, art therapy, essential oils, meditation and more.

And many successful complementary practitioners have physicians and other traditionally trained professionals that they refer to because they see the patient as a whole person, not just a diagnosis.

How about you?

If the very real concerns around safety and liability are keeping you from referring patients to complementary health practitioners, let us help.

How could your practice better serve the whole person patient if you had trustworthy complementary practitioners of these and other modalities?

And for you complementary healers, what if you had an opportunity to hear from and work alongside those docs who need what you have?

What will it take to create a system where the western way and those outside of that model co-create people centered treatment programs?

Not patient centered but whole person centered.

The answer is you, and me, and everyone who believes that we serve people better inside of community.

The Vision

To create an expanded vision of 21st Century people care by inviting traditional and complementary practitioners into a synergistic relationship in order to facilitate the optimal, sustainable health of the world’s citizens

The Mission

  • Promote education to foster trust and support between traditional and complementary modalities of health and healing
  • Cultivate client-centered care vs profit driven treatment
  • Stimulate innovation and cooperation among complementary and western practitioners
  • Foster meaningful conversation between the many different approaches to healing and health so that each side can see the benefits of the other’s work


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